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Pigs have been on Smithy Briggs Farm for many years, historically there was a breeding herd and pigs where kept on until fit for market.  Now we specialise in growing on stock from 40kg to 100kg+ and preparing for marketing.  We are a ‘Bed and Breakfast’ finisher for another pig farmer who specialises in the breeding and growing to 40kg.


We grow a mix of arable crops at Smithy Briggs including Winter Wheat, Spring Barley and Vining Peas.

The arable crops are grown in a rotation around the fields which includes grasses for hay.

Being a relatively small arable farmer we tend to test the wheat and barley crops for the quality levels after harvest and then sell to the market that best suits the quality, either bread, biscuit or animal feed.

Our Peas for many years have been grown for Birds Eye through the Green Pea Company  which is a cooperative company owned by the 220 farmers who supply Birds Eye with the Fresh Peas for freezing from East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.



Complementing our hay enterprises are a flock of North of England Mules.  Crossed with Meatlinc Tup they produce a quality grass fed lamb.  This is a joint venture with Adam Palmer from Thixendale called Six Valley Lamb

After the hay cut the sheep can benefit from the growth that comes between the remaining summer and autumn before growth stops and slows over winter.  In an ideal world the hay crop will be nice and short and even ready for when the soil warms up in the spring to give it the best start.