John was out with his grass harrow in very early March after some nice days and drying easterly winds allowed work to commence pulling out last years dead grass.  This will allow the new growth to dominate when it does finally warm up!

The grasses have been checked for compaction but suprisingly they are all good, the crop roots are heading down through the soils and will be able to get at the nutrients required to grow.

Completley weather driven some hay fields in 2012 did not even have a 2nd cut leaving them raggy and not good to graze.  Once the sheep arrived from to clean up the pastures they didn t get enough time before ground conditions deteriorated leaving the pastures still rough and off they went back to the Wolds.

Harrowing will be a bigger job this year with some grasses likley to be done 2-3 times to pull out what effectivley the sheep would have eaten.

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