Specialist Crop Management

On our journey in hay production and latterly sheep farming we have learnt a lot and invested in specialist machinery.   This helps us manage our own enterprises to the optimum growing quality grass for horse hay and sheep grazing and also in the establishment of fodder crops for the sheep.

In collaboration with Six Valley Lamb we are able to offer contracting services to manage grassland and cover/fodder crops across East & North Yorkshire.  

What we can offer:

The Guttler Greenmaster

The ultimate 5 in 1 system for pastureland and cultivation

The key to this machine is the unique Guttler prism roller which results in the ‘golden hooves’ effect

  • Greatly stimulates tillering of grass
  • Controls broadleaved weeds
  • Incorporates grass seeds into the sward

The Greenseeder is good for:

  • Spring pasture harrow and roll for rejuvenation and tillering
  • Rolling cereals to encourage tillering
  • Overseeding existing pastures
  • New seed sowing grass
  • Cultivations – tine and roller combo with the guttler roller following every contour
  • Sowing small seeds – Cover/fodder crops and oilseed rape

Our machine has a 6m working width enabling high work rates whilst using a smaller tractor, keeping the cost low for a quality job. 



  • Cultivations up to 5cm
  • Stale seed bed creation and weed chitting
  • Guttler roller for consolidation and moisture retention

Good combo for crop establishment with the GREENMASTER


This machine improves aeration of plant roots in the upper soil surface and stimulates growth. Aeration of the sward root zone is critical for a healthy crop. Slitting allows oxygen interchange through the soil surface and encourages evaporation of moisture in the surface layer of soil so that it dries out more quickly – this will promote earlier growth in the Spring.

Our machine has a 6m working width allowing high work rates. We do our grass crops twice a year if conditions permit to encourage maximum yield.

We have seen interesting results when used in cereals too in the right conditions, the theory is the same.