All straw is available in large square bales suitable for economic handling and haulage.  We mainly supply the UK livestock and electricity generation markets.

Straw bales are also available for the equine market measuring 120cm X 60cm X 90cm.

Our bales come in a 120cm x 90cm x 240cm size weighing 400-500kg.  The benefit of this bale size is

  • Fast harvesting to get ahead in the catchy UK weather, handling approx 4 bales per acre of land harvested means many acres harvested and stored safely every sunny day
  • High density for maximum storage and haulage efficiency
  • Easy handling in the power stations and on most livestock farms


We supply a full range of straw baling and handling services including;

  • baling
  • chasing/leading
  • stacking
  • sales
  • loading out

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